Join the Crochet Alliance Network

  • FREE Membership – monthly services, cancel any time
  • Account approvals take approximately 24 hours
  • You must be an original crochet designer with an active website
  • Upon approval you simply copy and paste the code we provide you into your website (we can help – this is super easy and you only do it once!)
  • Receive monthly analytics of how your Promo Ad is performing, to include how many times it was served and the frequency of customer engagements.


  1. You will have one 300×250 promotional Ad served across the websites of ALL crochet designers on the network. This can be changed every 30 days.
  2. In turn, you will host a 300×250 Ad space on your website for promotional Ads of all the other crochet designers on the network.

promotional ad impressions are unlimited – every visit or page refresh will cycle through the pool of promotional Ads. Ad space will be responsive and placed either at the bottom of a mobile display or in the sidebar.