Crochet Gift Bows

Crochet Gift Bows

Go ahead and put a bow on this wonderful gift from Julie over at Julie Measures! These Crochet Gift Bows will literally dress up ANY gift. Yes, we bought a gift card, but look at the time we spent jazzing up your gift with a handmade Crochet Gift Bow! Crochet Gift Bows

This amazing little DIY gift wrapping personal touch is simple, effective, and provides a touch of class to any gift. Your imagination is your only limit- think different sizes, colors, and textures! Julie did an amazing job (as usual if your familiar with her site) providing step by step instructions/photos that take any confusion or difficulty making the project.


    • Yarn
    • Crochet hook (choose the size to match your yarn)

The materials for this project are as simple as it gets- grab a hook and some yarn– and go to town!

Julie tends to be a jack of all trades, if you haven’t been over to her site please pay her a visit, you will leave with your next project!

TFC’s Tips & Two Cents:

We always recommend creating a balance when purchasing someone an impersonal gift such as a gift card, money, coffee or wine!  Creating a balance means finding a way to make the impersonal gift, well, a littler more personal! These Crochet Gift Bows are definitely a fantastic way to do just that. Hook up one of these and throw it on a big box of K-cups or your favorite wine !