About Us

Who is Top Free Crochet (TFC)?

TFC is a collection platform highlighting some of the most unique and all around awesome free crochet patterns from around the web. TFC diligently scours the web for the Top Free Crochet patterns that match this critera. Our goal is to endorse designers who bring the web the Top Free Crochet patterns.

Goal and Mission:

We strive to find the most unique and cool patterns from a multitude of designers. Some patterns you may see on other websites as the “popular” picks, however, we dedicate the time to focus in on some of the “treasure finds” that may not get all the attention that bigger bloggers do.

If you are a designer and you find your creation on our website and no longer wish to be endorsed by TFC, well that makes us sad, but we respect your decision. Please contact us and let us know.